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3 pcs. Christmas decorations in multicolor.

This small charming bird is perfect for decorating the Christmas  tree. The bird can also be used to cover a nice and colorful Christmas table. Year after year, you can decorate your Christmas tree with this beautiful Christmas decorations. They have a unique cultural history and are produced according to sustainable principles with a lot of love and care for Mother Earth. All Christmas decorations are made from remaining sari from clothing production. When you buy this decoration, it is therefore not only the joy of Christmas that you invite to your home, but also the joy of sustainability.

  • H: 8 cm., W: 11 cm.

Note! This Christmas decorations are unique and available in different colors. Therefore, when you buy a package of Christmas decorations, they will not be the exact ones in the picture, but a selection of hand-picked Christmas decorations in similar color combinations. 



SISSEL EDELBO er et dansk brand som har eksisteret siden 2004. Stifterne er Jeanne Sissel Thomsen og Christina Edelbo Petersen, hvorfra brandnavnet også kommer. Alle produkter er produceret i Indien, et land de to ejere finder utroligt rig på kulturhistorie, gæstfrihed og en ægte inspiration i deres arbejde. Visionen bag SISSEL EDELBO er at producere unikke produkter lavet af smukke vintage sari-stoffer. Genbrug af disse antikke sari-stoffer er også en produktionsmåde, der er miljøvenlig. Hver eneste sari, der bruges i SISSEL EDELBO kollektionerne, udvælges af en eller begge ejere for at sikre sig de rigtige prints og farver til deres beklædningsgenstande.Hos Colorful Living vil der findes et udvalg af SISSEL EDELBOs julekollektion samt andre tekstiler som passer ind i hjemmet. SISSEL EDELBOs flotte farver passer perfekt ind i vores univers.
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Sissel Edelbo is a Danish brand that has existed since 2004. All products are produced in India, a country the two owners find incredibly rich in cultural history, hospitality and a real inspiration in their work. The vision behind Sissel Edelbo is to produce unique products made from beautiful vintage sari fabrics. Recycling these antique sari fabrics is also an invironmentally  friendly production method. Every single sari used in the Sissel Edelbo collections is selected by one or both owners to ensure the right prints and colors for their garments.


kr. 240,00

In stock